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Rt Hon Kevan Jones MP
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Post Rt Hon Kevan Jones MP 
Is Kevan Jones your MP.
If so please send me a pm.
Many Thanks

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Below is a copy of a letter that I sent to Kevan Jones; I will not bore you with the answer suffice to say that he missed the point completely or should I say that his Civil Service advisors steered him in the wrong direction.
Pity we do not have a sat-nav for the PJM.

Maybe one or two of you would like to write to OUR Veterans Minister and inform him of the facts; after all he is suppose to represent US.

It seems that every time we get a Minister to support us that Minister gets replaced.
So it beggars the question “Who’s running the Country”? Our elected representatives or the unelected faceless ones?

We would like a meeting with Kevan.

Rt Hon Kevan Jones MP
Veterans Minister
Ministry of Defence

Dear Kevan,

As a representative of the Pingat Jasa Malaya Veterans Association I would like to congratulate you on your elevation to the post of Veterans Minister.

You may be aware that our Association representatives, in concert with my MP Geoffrey Robinson, had a meeting with your predecessor Derek Twigg, who invited us to send him the further evidence that supports our claim to have the PJM accepted to be worn without restriction.

This we duly did but the papers we submitted disappeared in the corridors of the MoD; this is not surprising as one MoD Civil Servant said that we could stick our medal in a cornflake packet for all he cared.

So we once more submitted our fresh evidence but this time via Wing Cdr Gavin Poole.

Derek Twigg, after listening to us and reading the evidence wrote to Meg Munn of the FCO in support of our claim but Meg Munn has been replaced by Gillian Merron and we do not know if either of them has received Derek's letter, probably not?

This is my latest email from Derek Twigg, received just after he left

Dear Paul
Thank you for your e mail and your kind comments, it is very much
It has been an honour and a privilege to work with our outstanding Armed Forces, their families and Veterans, it has been the best job I have had.
I can assure you that I will continue to support your campaign and wish you well.
Derek Twigg.

Other predecessors of yours also support us, Tom Watson and of course Don Touhig who tabled a Ten Minute rule bill supporting our campaign.

I respectfully ask you as Veterans Minister to support us Malay/Borneo Veterans and make representation to the FCO on our behalf. David Miliband could solve this problem over night by using the Royal Prerogative and give us ageing Veterans the right to wear our medal with pride.

November 11th is fast approaching and all we ask as we honour those who did not return, including 519 of our Malaya/Borneo comrades - in - arms, is to be permitted to wear the honourable medal awarded us by a grateful Malaysian Nation.

The Civil Servants say there are two rules that prohibit us from wearing the PJM, this is patently false, as we can document.

The Double Medal rule was applied retrospectively and as for the five year rule this has been broken so many times it can not realistically be considered to be a rule at all.

This five year rule was very recently violated by Sir Robin Janvrin when he was on the HD Committee and the Queens Private Secretary so that he could accept and wear the Antigua & Barbuda 25th Anniversary Medal.

Even more incongruous is the fact of the recent award to one of our comrades, of the PPN (another Malaysian honour for service to that nation for identical time periods covered by the PJM....Roy Follows, the recipient of this award, has been advised that not only may he accept the PPN, but that he may wear it 'without restriction'....Roy clams to be quite nonplussed by this, since he has been fighting for the right to wear his PJM for a period in excess of 3 years.

If you would like to personally consider some of our documented evidence as to the validity of our claim, we would be most glad of an opportunity to furnish you with same. It will make, I assure you, interesting reading!

Alternatively, we will always make ourselves available for a meeting with you at any time /date of your selection.

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