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PJM Precedent set in JSP761
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Post PJM Precedent set in JSP761 
We have just received this message from Tony who asks "Is this not a precedent? Why can this medal be worn but the PJM not be?"

He goes on

"Sultan of Oman's 30th Renaissance Medal

Eligibility is service for one day on National Day 2000

Extract from London Gazette dated Tue 24 Jul 01 (number 56284) Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to approve that Members of Her Armed Forces who were in the service of His Majesty the Sultan of Oman on either loan or contract terms at the date of the celebration of the Sultanate's National day in November 2000 and who are eligible to receive from the Sultan the 30th renaissance Medal (30th National Day Medal) in recognition of their services, may accept and wear the medal with unrestricted permission.

Does oil money mean that we don't want to upset the Sultan of Oman?"

Well, Tony, we think you have made a telling point. While they approve a medal for wear because of a national day in an oil rich middle eastern state, they try and prevent the wear of a medal like the PJM, that acknowledges service in defending the freedom of a democratic nation, that recognises the only victory over aggression and terror, that remembers the hundreds of lives that were lost!

The answer is about oil, about influence, and about who was paying the recipients' wages at the time! Yes - the flawed British honours system doesn't really give a hoot what the Queen says we can receive and wear so long as we don't have to pay the wages (or the costs of distribution in the case of the PJM)! Honest - that is the correct answer to your question.


BarryF, who fought for the Right to Wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia
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mmmmmmmmmm how interesting Barry

Oil Rich Oman to keep on side and of course do not upset the Maltese Government over HM The Queen's visit, so what does that tell The Malaysian Royal family and its people?

Rolling Eyes

HD Committee: Amateurs in a Professional World
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I have just received this message from Tony Morland - I had not previously mentioned his name and asked him if I could:


I don’t mind if you mention my name, I think the hypocrisy at the MoD is beyond belief. The PJM is one of many examples.

By the way I never served in Malaya, I served 1982-97.

I fully support your endeavours,


Thanks very much for your support, Tony.

And here's a Chrissie pressie for those civil servants who tell MPs to tell us that the Brits simply do not do Foreign gongs. A list of over 40 such medals including the one Tony pointed out.

Foreign Awards that have received Unrestricted Acceptance and may be worn by British Servicemen and Women, and those retired from the Armed Forces
Rhodesia Medal
Indian Independence Medal
Pakistan Medal
Ceylon Armed Forces Inauguration Medal
Malawi Independence Medal
Guyanan Independence Medal (Worn by HRH FM Duke of Kent)
Fiji Independence Medal
Papua New Guinea Independence Medal
Solomon Islands Independence Medal
Gilbert Islands Independence Medal
Ellis Islands Independence Medal
St Christopher Nevis & Anguilla Independence Medal
Service Medal of the Order of St John of Jerusalem
Belize Defence Force 15th Anniversary Medal
Interfet Medal (Australia) (International Force East Timor)
Nigeria Independence Medal
Kenya Campaign Medal (North Eastern Kenya)
Malay Active Service Medal
Malaysian GSM
Royal Brunei Armed Forces Silver Jubilee Medal
Pingat Laila Tugas Brunei GSM
Unitas Medal - BMATT South Africa
Malta GC 50th Anniversary of the War Medal
Brunei Silver Jubilee Medal
Iraq Active Service Medal
Iraq Floods Medal
Iran Coronation Medal
Vietnam Service Medal
Oman GSM (Dhofar)
As Sumood Medal - Oman
Peace Medal - Operational Emblem Oman
Peace Medal (Oman)
Accession Medal (Oman)
10th Anniversary Day Medal (Oman)
Russian 40th Anniversary of the War 1985
Order of the Special Royal Emblem (Oman)
Glorious 15th National Day Medal (Oman)
Glorious 20th National Day Medal (Oman)
Glorious 25th National Day Medal (Oman)
Glorious 30th National Day Medal (Oman)
Kuwait Military Service Medal (5 years long service, awarded to loan personnel)
Glorious 35th National Day Medal (Oman)

BarryF, who fought for the Right to Wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia
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Post going going gong 
Just read the information on the Oman gong. The Civil Serpents will extoll the virtue of it being gazetted within the five year consideration period, however, the rest of the criteria falls drastically short of the rules, by dint of reason - yes, youve guessed it, another foreign gong - which incidently, they wax lyrical, that the British are not permitted to receive, sort of deja vu, if you know what I mean; which is in stark contrast to the previous statement about the PJM.

A little simple Christmas message Mr and Mrs Civil serpent, engage brain before engaging mouth, and remove head from rear end and smell the coffee; after all, you made the rules, which you are incapable of keeping.

Arthur R-S

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