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The 'Ayes' of March - More from Radio Solent
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Post A gentle reminder to Radio Solent 
Hi John, Brianbart et al,

I thought it would be in order to send Radio Solent an email:

---- Forwarded by Barry Fleming/BAFleming on 27/10/2007 09:18 ----- 27/10/2007 09:19
To: "Jo Palmer-Southampton" <>,, "Ed Sherry" <>,

Subject: Pingat Jasa Malaysia

Dear Jo and Julian, Ed and Marcus,

We spoke earlier this year about the PJM and you kindly aired our case which attracted a lot of interest. I am writing to ask a question and to update you because this story is growing and growing.

The question:

I am receiving emails from ex-servicemen asking when Radio Solent might deliver the Petition Jo had planned. We are approaching Remembrance Day and there will never be a better time. Some of our supporters, a dignified group, are anxiously waiting in the wings ready to accompany Jo - carrying their PJMs. I would like to be there too.

The Update:

1. The Rt Hon Ian Pearson MP (Minister of State for Science and Innovation), the then Foreign Office Minister who issued the PJM Ministerial Statement, has now said in writing that the discredited and inconsistent PJM recommendation in the Statement he made should be amended to allow the medal to be worn! He is campaigning for us despite being a Government Minister. This is a major advance and demonstrates the justice in our case - your Petition would help Ian enormously.

2. The Rt Hon Don Touhig MP (ex-Defence Minister at the time of Ian Pearson's Statement) has also underlined his view that the PJM recommendation is wrong. He is going to raise a debate in the Commons - your Petition would help Mr Touhig enormously.

3. Sandra Gidley (who was inspired by your program) is still on the case and wrote to a constituent yesterday that she is going to take the matter up with the PM - your Petition would help her enormously.

4. The Conservatives have reaffirmed in writing their commitment to review the Foreign Decorations Rules which they see, as we do, as having been applied "inconsistently" (!).

5. Interest in our campaign grows with more and more MPs actively involved. Our web site attracts between 1,500 and 2,000 individual visits each day (when we last spoke, the number was less than 1,000). We don't count 'hits' (which amount to tens of thousands ) - only individuals counted once per day irrespective of how many times they visit.

In closing, here is what Don Touhig said in Parliament recently

Don Touhig to Des Brown (Defence Minister) during a Debate 15 Oct 2007:

"I could not speak of the value agenda without mentioning the campaign by veterans who fought in Malaysia to be allowed to wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal. I have tabled early-day motion 356 on that and hon. Members on both sides of the House have generously supported it. However, we have to do more. We have a duty to honour the commitment of the 35,000 of our boys who fought in the jungles of Malaysia. They earned that medal and they have the right to wear it. A greater degree of honour falls on them than on the members of the honours and decorations committee who are resisting the legitimate request to wear that medal. I wonder how many of those who serve on that committee served in the jungle. Probably the only jungle they know is the jungle around Whitehall".

All these people need your help now more than ever. We very much hope that you will help us by delivering the Petition. We are listening and waiting with great anticipation ...

With kind regards,

- - - - - - - - - - -
Barry Fleming
Fighting for the Right to Wear the PJM at
"Pingat Kami - Hak Kami"

Stockbridge Cottage etc

BarryF, who fought for the Right to Wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia
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Post Radio Solent again - PJM Success 1/11/11 
You can listen to the BBC radio programme by clicking below.

Some of you-know-whose voice sounds weird. Well .... no ... it's not him this time. Radio Solent called him while he was fighting another battle - from his car in the London traffic (hands-free and safely, natch!) .

Our thanks to John in Oz for this recording. Copyright belongs to the BBC who, I am sure, will have no problems with us making it available here.


BarryF, who fought for the Right to Wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia
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