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PJM problems.
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Post PJM problems. 
Here is an article from the Sunday Post ref PJM.
Soldiers up in arms over Malayan medal delay

By Steven Bowron

IT was 58 years after the start of the Malayan Emergency before veterans were finally granted a medal.
But after 35,000 ex-servicemen swamped the applications system it’s taking a further 18 months for them to receive it.
Now there’s criticism that the MoD is still directing enquiries to the home address of just one elderly volunteer who is struggling to cope.
The Malay Government announced in January 2006 that British servicemen who served there were entitled to receive its Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) commemorative medal.
Jim Rowan of Hawick was a 21-year-old with the 4th Royal Tank Regiment in Malaysia in 1965.
Following advice on the MoD’s Veterans UK website, he sent his application to the Chelmsford home of Fred Burden, membership secretary of the National Malaya and Borneo Veterans’ Association.
But despite applying in March 2006, Jim has heard nothing since.
“It’s so disappointing,” he says. “Having spoken to other ex-servicemen it transpires they’re in a similar situation.”
The Sunday Post discovered Mr Burden is working alone to assess the application forms for the MoD.
They then forward applications to the Malaysian High Commission, which despatches the medals.
Clearly under pressure, Mr Burden declined to discuss the situation.
However, NMBVA vice-chairman Allyn Rees told us, “When Mr Burden took on the job he didn’t just receive applications from NMBVA members but from all servicemen.
“He was doing a voluntary job and was suddenly deluged.”
When we approached the MoD they immediately distanced themselves from any responsibility.
Despite their Veterans UK website carrying advice about how to apply for the medal, a spokesman said, “The veterans’ organisations submit details of what goes on the page and we don’t have a say in how they run their ship.
“Unless they come to us to say they can’t cope, our hands are tied.”
But Neil Griffiths of the Royal British Legion Scotland is critical of their stance.
“Mr Burden is a volunteer working at home and he has been swamped by the task.
“The MoD must know this, yet they seem to be taking the position that until they are asked, they won’t get involved. I suspect these are old soldiers who are too proud to ask for help.
“The MoD must help this poor man.”
Following further contact by The Sunday Post, the MoD agreed on Friday that Veterans UK will contact Mr Burden.
However, a spokesman at the Malaysian High Commission in London says that while they’ve received 10,000 applications, they have their own difficulties.
“We’re having problems because we only have one person handling it who’s on compassionate leave at the moment.”
Some medals are getting through, though.
In Berwick yesterday, 100 veterans of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers received their PJMs.

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Many thanks for sharing this super duper article Bill.

This could be the straw that breaks this meanspirted government's back who have treated all veterans like 2nd class citizens in this case.

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Take it from me I know for a fact that in the beginning the MoD sat on the applications for 3 months.
What surprises me is that Richard Coney did not use a cornflack box instead of a shoe box to send the application forms in to the MHC. Afterall he did tell one of us that we could stick our PJM Medal in a cornflack box for all he cared.

We all know what the MoD think of us and they know what we think of them, the only people being kept in the dark is the General Public, BUT NOT FOR LONG!

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