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The Proof of the Pudding ...Their Case is Demolished (again)
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Yes Roy, they do not yet understand the full extent of our case against them and the total support we have throughout the world, not just in the UK. They also do not know what we are up to next and I hope it will knock their socks off when it happens. We have to play some of our cards close to our chest as they have been dealing us a duff hand for three years or so. Every day now we are receiving more support from where it matters - the Mother of all Parliaments - and although they can argue with us they still do not have the authority to argue against our parliament.
Your MP's letter shows just how MP's have now become aware of the lies and cheating from the civil servants and in parliament the non-wear of the PJM has been declared 'a shame on Britain'. The MP who delivered the original Written Ministerial Statement on 31st. January, 2006 now supports our right to wear it and has called the non-wear nonsense and now it is referred to 'bureaucratic nonsense'.
All MP's who have given an eyeball interview to us and have had the truth placed before them suddenly realise what has been happening. I found this with a local MP who would not sign a PJM motion in the Scottish Parliament but after I met her she signed it. Also Barry and Paul saw Derek Twigg when he was the Veterans Minister and we all know the good result that had.
Keep at your MP's lads and lassies and make them understand that this bureaucratic nonsense has to stop and civil servants put back into their place in our society.

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