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Dr Liam Fox MP
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Mike Ostler and others met with Dr Liam Fox in Grays yesterday, the PJM came up in conversatiom, well done that man, Mike has given permission for this to be posted

Re: RBL/Liam Fox - REPORT

It was a very successful meeting. Approx.24 representatives from RBL,RAFA,Burma Star Assoc.,local Gurkha community and my own Far East Vets Assoc.. Dr.Fox spent one and a half hours with us and spoke to everyone.

I had a chance to express my unease with the time taken by HMG to sort out the Gurkha problem. Dr.Fox agreed and said that much activity had been going on behind the scene. He also made a note on his pocket recorder to ask a Parliamentary Question to find out how much the Sultan of Brunei pays HMG for the trained Gurkhas recruited from our Forces. He also wanted to know if such income was credited to MOD or swallowed up as general Government revenue.

I pointed out that the PJM was not the sole resposibility of the MOD but some of their Civil Servants had had a misleading effect on the outcome. He was aware that the FO was also involved.
(Liam had been a FO Minister 20 years ago and my diplomat son had worked with him in the Press FO). He was impressed that I knew he had signed EDM 356 last year and wanted an update on the situation. Luckily I was able to give him a letter which I had in my pocket which gave him that update and was heavily reminiscent of the briefing you had sent me previously.

Also my wife Kathy (ex PMRAFNS) was able to ask him about the psychiatric needs of many of the servicemen returning to the UK. He told us that the Conservatives are due to announce a policy statement in a couple of weeks outlining their concerns and that when they come to power they intend to establish a formal arrangement so that ex-servicemen will receive a regular re-assessment of their psychiatric needs for life, maybe annual checks etc. Liam who had been a GP in an earlier life had a long chat with Kathy about the Defence Medical Services etc.

After a photocall for the Thurrock Yellow Advertiser, he left for a visit to the Army at Colchester. Altogether a very worthwhile encounter and with his previous experience as a GP and in government at the FO he seems an ideal choice to become Defence Minister in the future.

Please feel free to release this report to any interested bodies.

Best regards,

Ex 205 Sqn.RAF

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