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Chelsea Penioners Show The Way
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Post Chelsea Penioners Show The Way 
I received this message and thought everyone would like to read it:

"Although not a qualifier for the PJM ( my Malaya service was during the 1948-1957 “Emergency”), I have an interest on behalf of fellow members of the British Korean Veterans Association who served 1962-1966 in the area applicable for the PJM. Are you aware that In-Pensioners at Royal Chelsea Hospital are permitted to wear the PJM mounted in-line with campaign medals ? I would classify them as still being Crown servants, as detailed in the letter to Barry Fleming from the Cabinet Office dated 22 March 2007. My personal contact with the Cabinet Office, regarding the wearing of a medal presented to all Korean War veterans by the President of the Republic of Korea, drew the response that as Veterans we can wear whatever we like - " AS YOU ARE NO LONGER SUBJECT TO ARMY RULES AND REGULATIONS". That reply was from a Mr R T Coney who continually refused to recommend the GSM 1918-1962 for Suez vets. The lads eventually won their case purely by keeping up the pressure on the government. I support you wholeheartedly in your PJM campaign. Jim"

Thanks for your support, Jim. It’s especially appreciated coming from a pre-1957er. And thanks for pointing to the Chelsea Pensioners who are permitted to wear their PJM. I saw one interviewed on tele earlier this week (about the refurbishment of the Hospital accommodation) and he was proudly sporting his PJM on his medal bar.

Richard Coney has retired now - he couldn't stand the strain of a long history of trying to take honours from ordinary men and women, ex-service personnel who had, unlike him, done their bit for this country. I remember him phoning me from his home to ask me to take the pressure off him – he was getting ear ache from his wife! He can now enjoy an index-linked pension for life paid for by taxpayers and, to that extent, by those very same ex-servicemen and women! Ironic, or what?


BarryF, who fought for the Right to Wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia
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Post Chelsea Pensioners 
The Chelsea Pensioners would never deliberately be ‘discourteous to Her Majesty the Queen’ and by wearing the PJM they have shown that like everyone else (Monarchists and Republicans alike) who have been awarded the PJM, they do not believe the lies and myths published by the HD Committee and their little helpers and boot lickers.

The HD Committee issued rules which involved restrictions upon British citizens when they are not authorized by our democratic system to so do. They acted outwith their authority and the authority of our elected parliament and did so pretending that they have been so authorised by Her Majesty the Queen. Everyone knows, of course, that Her Majesty the Queen, as the Constitutional Head of our country, acts on the advice of Her Ministers and not unelected civil servants. For the Constitutional Head of our country to issue restrictive rules upon British citizens, albeit about wearing medals in public, is in effect unconstitutional. So did Her Majesty give Royal assent to these non-statutory rules – of course she didn’t, she cannot authorise illegal rules being forced upon British citizens. By promoting the myth that Her Majesty did in fact authorize these illegal rules the only people who are being discourteous to Her Majesty are in fact those who are employed to advise and protect her, and that is the HD Committee.

So the orders of the HD Committee and its head, the Cabinet Secretary, are in effect illegal and our elected government should not condone or accept such actions by an unelected quango.

Barry and his team, and our world wide supporters have submitted a concrete case of maladministration and misuse of the Royal prerogative by certain civil servants and it is only a matter of time before the elected government of our country realise just how serious this is. The Information Commissioner in his Decision Notices about the PJM stated ‘disclosure of the requested information would not be in the public interest because it would undermine the confidence central to the convention, which in turn would undermine the constitutional position of the Queen’. I rest my case m’lord!

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Post Chelsea Pensioners Show The Way 
Good Morning All.
I have printed this one off...I have a meeting with my M.P. next week about the "PJM", so this will "Add" to his Bed Time Reading.

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