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What if I do wear it?
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John, this has also been mooted already, if you contact Barry he will fill you in on these ideas



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Post The dreaded REPLICA issue - again 
Since Her Majesty granted us full and unrestricted permission to wear our medal with honour and pride - (London Gazette Notice 3rd May 1968), I decided to buy a 'Replica' for mounting. Why ? Because I wish to keep the one presented to me by the Malaysian Hight Commision in its rather splendid presentation box for my son.
I purchased one from Bigbury Mint, and it arrived in this morning's post.
As a result of this I have sent them the following email ::

"Thank you for my PJM "Replicas" which I received this morning.
I am not entirely satisfied with the product for two main reasons ::
The definition of a "Replica" is "............... an exact copy"
The medals and not exact copies in that they differ from the genuine awarded medals in four ways ::
1. The Palm Fronds cross in a different order i.e. in the original, the top frond passes from Left to Right, your "Replica" shows the top frond passing from Right to Left.
2. The full size medal on the "Replica" shows a larger distance between the medal and the mounting bar.
3. The miniature medal is smaller than the original, and has the same error with the palm fronds.
4. Both medals are thinner and therefore lighter.
I attach photographs of the points I have mentioned - the replica also shows Frond stalks not on the original.
Please do not take this as a complaint, but it is something you might like to point out to your suppliers.

Caveat emptor !"


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I had this discussion here, which has an amendment added :

Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2006 09:53:05 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Re: Award Productions PJM Medal
To: "Award Productions" <>


Thank you for your email

Your PJM cannot be described as a replica as a replica is an EXACT copy, respectfully request you read this and adjust your claims accordingly

Best wishes

John Cooper

Award Productions <> wrote:
Dear Mr Cooper

We apologise for the delay in responding to your e-mail which was caused
by the Christmas rush.

The 'Palm Fonds' design used in the suspender on our version of the
Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal was based on the submission sourced from the
Malaysian Government and the 'Palm Fonds' do indeed cross the opposite
way on the original medal. This is to distinguish the replica from the
original in a similar way as is done with other medals such as the MoD
authorised replica of the General Service Medal which is marked 'COPY'
and doesn't have a swivelling suspender bar to distinguish it from the
original. The PJM medal itself is an exact replica.

With our best wishes for the Season.

Yours sincerely

Bob van Mook
for Award Productions Ltd

> Sirs
> You claim in your catalogue that the PJM you are selling is a replica
> of The Pingat Jasa Malaysia. To my knowledge a replica is an exact
> copy, can you therefore please explain to me how you have the PALM
> FRONDS crossing the opposite way to the original as issued by The
> Malaysian Government, your medal cannot be interpreted as a PJM
> Replica in my book
> Yours sincerely
> John Cooper

HD Committee: Amateurs in a Professional World
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Post Replica 
Many thanks John, - I knew this had been discussed before - just had no idea how to find it. My apologies.


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Post Replica 

My "replica", from the same source as you know, is identical !! Top palm frond crosses from left to right as does the one from MHC and the replica is identical in every way. Perhaps they can explain that. Please feel free to use my name in your enquiries Can't understand what has happened. Sorry you have been disappointed.


Pingat Kami - Hak Kami
651 Signal Troop,
Semengo Camp,
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Post Replica from Award Productions. 
Received my real PJM about 10 dys ago. I bought a replica from the above source last Nov. Have only just sat down and compared the two. Having cast my artist's eye over them I notice....

A. that the replica does not have a prominent centre to the sun-burst above the shield.
B. that the shield on the replica is larger and totally flat, as opposed to a convex one on the original.
C. that the fronds on the replica are indeed crossed the wrong way and not as wide as those on the real one.
D.That the suspender bar is not so wide on the replica as on the genuine.
E. That the drop from the suspender-bar on the replica is slightly more than on the genuine.

Ergo, I think I have been sold a pig in a poke.


Mike Barton
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Post Replica? 
Mike,my replica medal bought from Heritage Medals in Oz is away being court mounted at the moment but!!It would appear that the Heritage medal is closer to the original than the one from Bigbury.I will confirm when said medal is back in my sweaty little mitt.
Anyway despite all that,who is to know the difference when its on your chest,glinting in the sunlight,and clinking alongside the one you got from Kellogs. Laughing

Hold the line steady boys.
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