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My email to the PM
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Post My email to the PM 
To the Rt Hon Gordon Brown Prime Minister.

Dear Sir;
I have sent you an email via the Downing Street web site but knowing how the system works I very much doubt that you will see it and you will certainly not be allowed to see it if certain Senior Civil Servants in the Cabinet Office have their way, so I have copied the email to some Labour MP’s who I know and respect so that with luck they will be able to mention it to you.
I must also point out that some Civil Servants have deliberately been giving misleading information to Ministers about the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal (PJM) so please discuss this medal with any of these Labour MP’s to receive the true facts.
Many thanks for you time
Paul Alders

This is the message I placed on the Downing Street web site

PMQ 7th July 2007

At PMQ’s on July 7th 2007 Don Touhig asked you a question about the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal (PJM) you answered that you would look into it.
Now I do realize that you have been very busy but do you think that there is any chance that not only Don Touhig could receive a reply to this question before the second anniversary but also 35,000 British Veterans.
It might assist you to visit our web site at and I must add that to allow 35,000 British Veterans the same rights as our Commonwealth counterparts will bear no cost what-so-ever to the British Tax Payer.
I look forward to your reply
Paul Alders

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Post Mandelsons advice to the PM re; public presentation of PM 
Well, Well! Lord Mandelson advising the PM that he will face another challenge at New Labour Summer Conference, also advises [that]: [on line Telegraph 12/06/2009]

“The Prime Minister's chief political adviser, Lord Mandelson – who was last week given the additional title of First Secretary of State – urged Mr Brown to show more leadership, to listen to his officials and to lighten up.
He said: "I believe in leadership and in being decisive.

Secondly, in listening to people and respecting official advice you receive.


I gather from the reply to my letter to the PM, while he states that he listens to people, my experience is that not only does he respect official advice, he accepts it without question notwithstanding the inaccuracy of the advice, does not listen to MPs who have strongly supported us, including those who initially accepted the misrepresentation of facts by the Senior Civil Servants; in particular to one who now regards the SCSs statement as nonsense.

I suppose it as to be accepted that GOD would naturally side with the Senior Civil Servants, let alone reprimand them, who , as we have esrtablished, have broken neartly every rule in the Civil Service Code Book which was introduced by G'OD himself. A code in which, it appears that the CSs, cunningly, and effectively, have replaced the Must Dos with the Must Not Dos which they now rigorouslsy apply to most issues as well as the PJM.

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GLOman, me auld mate. It is a pleasure to see you still battling on and trying to make sense of utter nonsense. Even with the aid of a couple of stiff malt whiskies (Talisker) I find it difficult to follow exactly the meaning of young Mandelson's advice to the PM. On one hand he seems to say that he must be strong and be his own man, but on the other hand tells him that he must still adhere totally to the dictates of the Civil Serpents. Surely when one is told to never let one's right hand know what ones left hand is doing there must arise a dichotomy of interests. The PM once said that he would..."Look into," the matter of the PJM, hopefully of his own accord at the time he said it, but what now?

I am sure that every soldier who supports this fight of ours, from the Generals to the bog-standard National Service bod such as myself will be aware of the old Army mantra......"Bullshit baffles brains." In fact the whole Army structure knew that it did no such thing, simply because from top to bottom all had experienced it. Unfortunately the Government/Civil Serpent coalition still believes that their bullshit will still baffle us. Time, I think, to tell them that we are still here, still fighting and that we shall have, "OUR DAY."

Mike Barton
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Post FCO 
It may interest you all to know that the new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the FCO is Chris Bryant MP of Rhondda, Wales.
He signed Don Touhig's EDM 356 of 26-11-06 which states at the end 'and calls upon the government to make representations to the committee to overturn this decision'.
A letter has already been sent to him from the fight4thepjm committee.

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