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Royal Prerogative
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Royal Prerogative

My MP has written to William Hague the Foreign Secretary asking him to use the Royal Prerogative to give us permission to wear our PJM.
If a few more MP’s were to ask the same question he might get the message.

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A month ago I attended a well advertised surgery in order to present my Westminster MP Danny Alexander with a folder of pertinent documents re the PJM and, fortunately as it turned out, a covering letter asking him point blank if promises made by both parties of this coalition to REALLY look into our 5 year dilemma would be honoured and implemented. Sadly Mr Alexander was at the time betwixt and between being the shortest serving ever Scottish Secretary and the post of his present 'whatever' incumbency. In short he was absent and I had to rely on his stand-in to listen to my appeal. This he obviously did, having made notes and promising to deliver everything verbatim.

A few days ago I received a House Of Commons letter from Danny Alexander apologising for him not being at his advice surgery personally but also saying......

"I have written to the new Foreign Office Minister regarding the PJM and will get back to you with a response when I receive his reply."

I must point out that Danny and I have for several years been in contact, starting when I asked him to sign one of our EDMs, but mainly each Remenbrance Sunday while waiting to go on parade together.

Yours aye to all my PJM comrades.


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Mike Barton
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Well done Mike and others who have been contacting members of the new regime in Westminster.
I spoke to my local MSP representative about the PJM, namely Mike Russell who is the current Education Secretary in Holyrood. He wrote to Michael Moore MP, the Scottish Secretary, supporting the rescinding of the non-wear rule imposed on the PJM and copied his letter to William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary, and Dr. Liam Fox MP, the Secretary for Defence.
Dr Liam Fox MP has been asked about the PJM by a Scottish MP and said, quite understandably, that he has other more pressing matters to deal with at the present time.
Whilst in opposition the Conservatives said they had an arms-length committee which was investigating the award of honours and medals and it was said that the rules had been diluted so much that they could be barely understood (hear! hear!).
Enquiries were made to try and trace this committee under the new coalition but lo and behold they were answered by none other than the Ministry of Defence who have said that ‘The terms of reference are yet to be determined and it is too early to say what conclusions a review will reach’.
The person who wrote this letter, Martin Solomon, also sent a letter on 30th September, 2009, about the PJM and dual nationalities and said ‘However, should a foreign national who, as a result of service under the Crown, be entitled to naturalise as a British citizen, and becomes a UK citizen, he will be bound by the UK rules. Under these UK rules, a retired crown servant is treated as if he were still serving’.
He was asked to produce ‘these rules’ but could not and supplied the usual obfuscation. Eventually it was admitted that ‘their colleague’ was quoting from a previous letter on this subject which he had seen ie. ‘the advice you received was an official’s explanation of what the regulations stated which was provided to another correspondent’. They also used the old story that ‘we do not hold this information so perhaps you should ask the FCO’.
Our present coalition government, whether you like them or hate them, seem to be trying to re-introduce our democracy which has received a severe kicking over recent years but the attitude faced at the present time from civil servants shows that nothing has changed and those civil servants who continually brag that they are persons of integrity, honesty and co-operation, are still obstructive, untruthful and still in charge.

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